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Blastoff! Travel Back in Time With Binyomin Wielgus

Visit With The Great Reb Zusya of Onipoli. Follow the adventures of this holy Tzaddik as he serves Hashem. As told by Rabbi Binyomin Wielgus. With stories, songs and sound effects.

Interesting Facts

The Great Reb Zusya was one of the great chassidic rebbies of the third generation and member of the academy circle of the Maggid of Mezeritch. He isthe brother of Rebbe Elimelech of Lizhensk. Rabbi Elimelech was about 5 years older than Rabbi Meshulam Zusha.

Reb Zusya’s father was a water-carrier, and although he could have become a merchant, he preferred to live by the toil of his own hands. At first he had some rich customers, but traded with another water carrier in order to supply the local shuls with water. This created a financial loss and he became very poor.  But as a reward for his good deed God blessed Reb Eliezer Lippa and his wife, who always readily supported her husband, with two sons, later to become great Tzaddikim.


Rabbi Binyomin Wielgus – Tour Guide
Rabbi Abish Feifer – Father
Avi Pollack – Son

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