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The Best Jewish Stories from Professor Torah Productions

NOTE: We are currently setting up digital downloads for all past tapes and CDs. If there is a CD you would like, but is not yet available online, please contact us here. Thanks!

At Professor Torah Productions, formerly known as ToraVision™, we strive to create quality educational material that excites and entertains. Children and students are learning through presentations that impart knowledge and character traits while building imagination via excitement, adventure, music and emotion.

We’re using technology to infuse our youth with vibrant lessons from Midrash and Aggadah, thus preparing them to approach the life with a holistic spiritual mindset.

Humorous and encouraging, our audio stories will leave your children or students begging for more. Blending various educational approaches, children and students will feel a reduced need for distractions through a healthy form of entertainment that stresses self effacement, care for others and the overall importance of creativity.

Story Teller Extraordinaire: Rabbi Yossi Kirsch

Rabbi Kirsch has been educating and telling stories for over 40 years. His early, and most well known story tapes, earned world-wide acclaim, and sparked a renewed interest within the community for educational, yet entertaining audio stories. Professor Torah Productions was conceptualized by Rabbi Yossi Kirsch.

In today’s day, children often are lost in a world of screens: iPads, iPods, cell phones, video games and more. There is nothing like the power of imagination, led by a masterful storyteller combined with music and sound effects to create detailed imagery.


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