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Purim Special – Save 25% Off The Purim Story

The Purim Story: A Timeless Classic! It is that time of year once again! Get ready to celebrate with Rabbi Kirsch and Sruly Greenwald's timeless classic. Step back in time and experience one of the most suspenseful episodes in Jewish history. Hear Mordechai as he warns the people not to attend the king’s banquet. Listen [...]

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Now Available: A Chanuka Miracle

A Classic Story From Rabbi Kirsch A timeless Baal Shem Tov tale as told by Rabbi Yossi Kirsch and Sruly Greenwald. Join Berel and Simcha as they discover a true Chanuka miracle! "A Chanuka Miracle" has been adapted from a tale found in Sefer Likutei Sipurim. The famed author Rabbi Yisroel Yaakov Klapholtz has included the story in [...]

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New Torah Tapes from Rabbi Kirsch

Many years have passed since we released our last Torah tape. We are currently putting together plans to begin recording and releasing new short stores! If you would like to sponsor a 15-30 minute production, please contact us, or specify the details when you make a donation. A list of donation/sponsorship opportunities will be available [...]

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Love Our Work? Make a Donation!

Donate to Professor Torah Productions Professor Torah Productions is a tax deductible not-for-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization. Individuals can now donate securely via PayPal. Visit our donations page to learn more! Sponsor in memory of a loved one Your donation can be used to sponsor another full-length production. Please contact us with any questions regarding sponsorship [...]

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